The New Normal

Throughout my 30 + year career as a professional photographer the vast majority of my work has been corporate and events based.

Due to the nature of photography, I have historically been in the midst of proceedings on events days, arranging and capturing powerful images and videos for some of the UK’s largest companies, both domestically and overseas.

That was the old normal.

The new normal is still a settling landscape for many operating in the UKSME market such as myself, and many of us are still learning the new rules of engagement.  For the short-term at least, travel is still restricted, and with ever-changing guidelines from the Government for my clients and I to comply with, creative and bespoke strategies are needed to achieve the same results that were more convenient at the beginning of the year.

That being said, the new normal also brings with it a tremendous amount of hope for small to medium sized businesses in the UK.  Although times are tougher now than they were (and could get tougher still), professionalism and results are still marketable commodities for those in our position.  New businesses still need to grow to survive, and existing businesses are more focused than ever on cementing their market positions and maintaining their revenue streams.

The world has not and will not stop turning because of COVID-19, and as we all adapt to these new parameters, we should be confident that the new normal will stop feeling so new, and a lot more normal.