The Changing Face of Corporate

As a photographer with 30+ years of corporate experience, I have witnessed vast changes in the way that businesses conduct and present themselves in the corporate world. 

Tattoos that were once covered for fear of looking unprofessional are now celebrated, traditional buzz words such as ‘company culture’ and ‘corporate values’ are now at the centre of high-value recruitment drives, and conformity has given way to a more open-minded appreciation of skill and uniqueness in the workplace.

So how has this change affected those like me, whose livelihood as typically been intertwined with the corporate cultures of my clients?

Firstly, it is more important then ever for me to understand my clients’ corporate and brand positioning, as these will be at the heart of the messages behind the photographs and videos that I produce for them.

Additionally, given the often creative nature of my work, I am able to use my experience to help my clients to deliver their corporate messages, as there is often a wealth of experience that I can draw upon from projects I have completed previously.

Finally, one of the biggest impacts of the transitional state of current corporate culture is the emphasis on brands’ diversity, rather than their conformity.  Where standing out was once seen as a risk, not standing out in today’s market is often seen to be far riskier.