The New Normal

Throughout my 30 + year career as a professional photographer the vast majority of my work has been corporate and events based. Due to the nature of photography, I have historically been in the midst of proceedings on events days, arranging and capturing powerful images and videos for some of the UK’s largest companies, both […]

The Changing Face of Corporate

As a photographer with 30+ years of corporate experience, I have witnessed vast changes in the way that businesses conduct and present themselves in the corporate world.  Tattoos that were once covered for fear of looking unprofessional are now celebrated, traditional buzz words such as ‘company culture’ and ‘corporate values’ are now at the centre […]

Why I Love my Job

There are times when my job isn’t so great. Traffic. Late nights. Early mornings. More traffic. Hours spent in isolation staring at a screen. Missed meals. Yet more traffic. I have sacrificed a lot to pursue my passion, and running a business can often feel like a lonely job. However, as challenging as it can […]